SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police

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Friday, August 11, 2017 - 11:35
Dan Eveland
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Recently I just finished reading the book SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police. I actually listened to it being read on Audible. This is a fantastic book. It really crystallized the illogical motivations and ruthless and cruel methods of the "Social Justice Warrior". In my opinion there is nothing lower than a SJW. They seek impossibilities and shriek and lash out at anyone who points out their goals are not only not possible, but actually quite self-contradicting.

I, myself, have been a victim of SJWs in the Drupal community. As detailed in the book they tried to use a vague "code of conduct" to destroy someone who dared have "wrong-think" about one of their presenters.

The measures that the author recommends to keep SJWs out of your organization are spot on! Have no mercy, for if given the chance, they will attack your employment and career, damage your reputation and impede your earning ability, like they have mine. It details how they infiltrate and begin to change to organization, whether it be club, company, open source community... anything. SJWs are like termites that creep in and begin gnawing at the foundation that better people established. It's so important to get this message out: the best way to remove a SJW infestation is to not let them assume any positions of power. Always work against them in any way possible. Always attack, because they won't hesitate doing so to you when given the opportunity.

It's for this reason that any clear-thinking individual should be aware of the disturbing tactics used within the SJW community. Anyone can be their target. You don't even have to do anything "wrong". They will intimidate anyone who dares speak up, so read this book, and don't let them silence you! Never let them espouse their bullshit without slamming them twice as hard. Use Gamer Gate as an example of an amazingly successful defeat of SJWs and their sympathizers. Don't just sit back and take it. Fight back!