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Friday, October 6, 2017 - 08:54
Dan Eveland
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I was working on a Bootstrap-based site and needed it to print well. So after a lot of fruitless Google searches and mucking about, I came up with a pretty good addition to the site's CSS. Hopefully someone else will find this helpful.

In general, bootstrap prints great. This CSS is for hiding crap that should not be printed, and reinforcing the basic Bootstrap design in the printing process.

The major problem is Bootstrap "thinks" that printing is like a small display. So, it stacks things like you would want on a very low-res mobile device.

I also added a definition for a style called "noprint" that... well... doesn't print. Since I work on Drupal, I use the block_class module to apply that class to any block I don't want printed.

There are a couple blocks specific to the site I am working on, but I left them in the code as an example.

Attached to this article are two PDFs printed from Chrome of this article. This is a simple but effective demonstration of how well this works.

/* Print styling */

@media print {

  [class*="col-sm-"] {
    float: left;

  [class*="col-xs-"] {
    float: left;

  .col-sm-12, .col-xs-12 {
    width:100% !important;

  .col-sm-11, .col-xs-11 {
    width:91.66666667% !important;

  .col-sm-10, .col-xs-10 {
    width:83.33333333% !important;

  .col-sm-9, .col-xs-9 {
    width:75% !important;

  .col-sm-8, .col-xs-8 {
    width:66.66666667% !important;

  .col-sm-7, .col-xs-7 {
    width:58.33333333% !important;

  .col-sm-6, .col-xs-6 {
    width:50% !important;

  .col-sm-5, .col-xs-5 {
    width:41.66666667% !important;

  .col-sm-4, .col-xs-4 {
    width:33.33333333% !important;

  .col-sm-3, .col-xs-3 {
    width:25% !important;

  .col-sm-2, .col-xs-2 {
    width:16.66666667% !important;

  .col-sm-1, .col-xs-1 {
    width:8.33333333% !important;

  .col-xs-12 {
  float: left !important;

  body {
    margin: 0;
    padding: 0 !important;
    min-width: 768px;

  .container {
    width: auto;
    min-width: 750px;

  body {
    font-size: 10px;

  a[href]:after {
    content: none;

  ul.action-links {
    display:none !important;