Meritocracy banished

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Friday, November 11, 2016 - 16:54
Dan Eveland
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The Demographics of the United States, the UK, Europe as a whole, the rest of the Developed World, and China are pretty much all of a piece: More than 2 out of 5 citizens age 50 and over - and many of us extraordinarily angry that our lives have been destroyed - cannibalized, in fact - so that our life's savings and assets and jobs and careers and hopes and dreams could be "financially re-engineered" and redistributed to those the Globalist Thug-Elite has chosen to give them to: Youth, Immigrants, illegal and otherwise, and a few ethnic minorities that are useful to them politically.  

It's vile and Evil behavior. Human beings treated as blips in a computer game played by a handful of Psychopaths on Wall Street and Silicon Valley and their counterparts in the rest of the Developed World. The simple lack of empathy for what we've suffered and continue to suffer is almost mind-boggling, as is the basic unfairness of what has gone on and its complete antipathy to core American values.  

It's better to be poorly educated than well-educated?  

It's better to be unskilled than skilled?  

It's better to be inexperienced than highly experienced?  

The entire idea of Meritocracy banished, and Americans sliced and diced into warring constituencies based on their ethnicity or how willing they are to shout politically correct pabulum?  

Alas, my Party is also still not acknowledging what every Populist knows: Brexit occurred because of UK citizens over age 50. The recent upsets in German regional elections occurred because of German citizens over age 50. The Trump victory occurred because of American citizens over age 50.   

This is a very special kind of Populism - a Populism based almost entirely on Age. We all have to start talking about it. We all have to start acknowledging it. We all have to begin to take steps to correct the extreme poverty into which so many wonderful people over 50 have fallen.

Originally a comment on LinkedIn by Ellen Brandt, Ph.D.