Childhood Cancer charities

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Tuesday, May 9, 2017 - 09:45
Dan Eveland
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I have always been very, very suspicious of charities, especially things like those who claim to help childhood cancer. I have, personally, never benefited from one no matter what I was going through in life. I've seen my fair share of tragedy and loss, yet no organization has ever helped me one tiny bit.

However, I was following the blog of the parents of a little boy named Gavin who was battle childhood cancer. One of the posts listed organizations who actually did something to make a child's life a little better. Therefor, I am sharing that list here.

If you're as skeptical of charities as I am, here is a very trustworthy list of a few that actually help.

Childhood Cancer Charities

SNOWDROP FOUNDATION WI: Snowdrop was one of the first organizations that we were introduced to earlier on in treatment. Snowdrop board members Brian, Sam, and Josh run obscence distances (like 21 marathons in 21 days) and ultramarathons to raise money for pediatric cancer research. They also provide college scholarships to childhood cancer survivors. In the inaugural Courage Over Cancer run in 2013, Gavin was honored during one leg of the race across the state of WI. They members pinned his picture to their backs and they ran. They ran for him. They welcomed our family into their home for the weekend so we could attend one of their events. They are unbelievably amazing people.

GAMEROSITY: An organization out of Oregon that sends "Hero Packages" to children fighting childhood cancer. The packages include a backpack, t shirt, headphones, an iPad and many other goodies to keep kids occupied while spending hours, days, or even weeks in the hospital. The organization is run by a childhood cancer survivor himself and I had the pleasure of meeting him last month when he hosted a FREE Game On Day for the cancer families from our very own Children's Hospital of WI :-)

PEACH'S NEET FEET: An organization that provides a hand painted pair of Converse sneaks to kids with life threatening diseases. Gavin recieved a pair of Lightening McQueen ones a couple years ago that were totally adorable and we will keep them ALWAYS as a reminder of his journey. This organization is run solely on donations.

ICING SMILES: Icing Smiles, Inc provides dream cakes for kids with life threatening illnessess. It can be a birthday cake, an end of treatment cake, ANYTHING. You tell them what your child is into, or what your child's dream cake would look like and they scour the US to find bakers who DONATE their time and talents to bake, decorate, and deliver these kids the cake of their dreams. Gavin got an Icing Smiles Lego cake for his 5th birthday and it was amazing!

Finally, an organization that I want to mention is Stillbrave. It's an organization run by a father who lost his daughter, Shayla, to childhood cancer. Tattoo Tom, as he is referred to, has made it his life's mission to bring awareness and bring and end to childhood cancer. In a couple weeks, he will be running a 200 mile ultramarathon and dedicating each mile to a different child in the US with cancer or who has lost thier battle to cancer. He is running Mile #87 in honor of Gavin. I have never met him, and I probably never will. But he is running for our son, and for that, I will be forever grateful. His goal is ro raise $200,000 by race day, September 11. As of today, he's at $146,000.

So, like I said, if you ever find that your have a few extra bucks and you're wanting it to go to an HONEST organization that truly benefits the kids fighting for their lives, remember this post. Look them up. If you're not in a position to donate, drop them a line to tell them what amazing people they are.