Awesome app discovery: Cloak

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Tuesday, May 9, 2017 - 09:46
Dan Eveland
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So, recently I have discovered a great app for my iPhone 6 Plus. 

I've always used a VPN when on public wifi and even when at work. Since there are so many vulnerabilities on public wifi, it seems like the best solution. However, the big flaw is in switching it on and off. I rarely would remember to turn it on at Starbucks, then if I left (and switched to LTE) and went back it would be disconnected. Pain in the ass. 

So when my HMA (Hide My Ass) subscription ran out, I decided to try out some others. The first thing I noticed is they all installed a profile on iOS. That's fine, but they all say "Unverified" in red, except one. A new one called Cloak. The fact that it was verified seemed cool so I looked into it more. 

It turns out that this VPN client has two amazing features I did not think I'd ever see. One, you give it a list of trusted networks and it automatically connects to the VPN for any other network! How cool is that? It's exactly what I wanted. It's how I would do VPN if I were an awesome iOS developer. 

The second cool thing is that it syncs over iCloud with an equally fantastic Mac OS X client! Wow! So I only have to add a network on my phone device and my Mac OS X laptop gets updated! That really sealed the deal for me. It's so far beyond any VPN solution I've ever seen, there is simply nothing else in its league. Once you set it up, you just forget about it and it works. Refreshing.

It's not free, however. You can pay $10 a month or $100 per year for unlimited data and you can use it on all your devices. So that $100 a year has no surprises like some that only work on one device at a time.