AndoCon 2014 day 3

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014 - 10:38
Dan Eveland
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I was totally lazy the last day. I lounged around my room and got room service. I read my FATE book and decided to start designing my next game: Far Future Fate. I am going to run a Traveller (classic timeline) game using the FATE rules. I think a lot of things like planetary characteristics can simply done with aspects. For example: poisonous atmosphere, filter mask required outside.

So, I didn't really participate int he con that much on the third day, I wandered around and got a couple last things from the dealers' room. As the first two days, everyone was extremely friendly. I chatted with the last stragglers in the RPG room, and heard some descriptions of games I didn't get into. I am really looking forward to playing (and running) next year.