AndoCon 2014 day 2

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Monday, March 9, 2015 - 19:57
Dan Eveland
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Had a great breakfast thanks to excellent room service. I hung the menu thing on the door handle. Love those things.

After doing the morning rituals, I headed downstairs to get into a Savage Worlds game. The author of the world was at the con, although he did not run this session. The guy who ran it told me his entire story of how he came to be involved. It was actually quite interesting. At first, it looked like no one else would be playing, but a buddy of the GM and a dealer from the dealer's room sat down and we had a great game.

It was a blast! I picked the dwarf fighter. Yes, a surprise, I know. And I actually rolled quite well. It was a combat-heavy game, but there was enough background to give it a good depth, which is often lacking in many con games. To make the game even better, I was rolling great, and took out almost all the bad guys single-handedly. That was cool.

The guy running it committed, what I feel is, a cardinal sin of GMs. He had his own über-powerful PC join the group. We were supposed to be in awe of him, and I had a bad feeling about the game. However, it turned out he got us into some organization, and he was in the background, using various leadership abilities to give us extra "bennies" that we needed since there were only three of us. It was a very enjoyable game.