AndoCon 2014 day 1

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Monday, March 9, 2015 - 10:01
Dan Eveland
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The first thing I noticed when entering the hotel was the friendliness of the staff. There were gamers standing there just waiting to direct me to the right place. Also, once I checked in and bought my badge, as soon as I entered the RPG room, there was someone who jumped up to help me get into a game. That was totally awesome. I have never seen that, and I'd love to see it done at all conventions.

The opening ceremonies were well done. A history of AndoCon was given, and I actually enjoyed that. The beginnings were much like the GooberCon evens I held at my house in the late nineties and 2ks.

There was mostly goofy events in the evening, that I am sure were fun, but didn't interest me.

The dealers room is really good. There is one dealer who had games, someone making jewelry by lacquering old comic book paper into shapes, an author and a couple craft people doing leather work and tiny origami. The game dealer ran out of FATE items and told me the next day she went to her store, brought everything they had, and ran out again.

The photo here shows the stuff I bought. I didn't need it, but what the heck.