AndoCon 2014

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Friday, June 13, 2014 - 10:27
Dan Eveland
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And so begins my first post on my new awesome site. Later today, if weather and traffic are good for me, I will be in Atlanta. I'll be attending AndoCon. This is a special occasion for a couple reasons:

  1. First, I never get to cons anymore. With my freelance web development, I was always feeling too guilty to go. After all, I could be getting new business, servicing existing clients, or learning new things. So I'd always feel a nagging in the back of my mind. Also, with a family, I'd be thinking I should be spending time with the wife and kids. I could be teaching them something, getting quality time in or working on things around the house that need to be done. So, essentially, I would always feel too guilty to do much gaming stuff. However, and this is big, my family is in Florida visiting relatives, and I just went full-time permanent at a job I've been contracting at for a few months. So... I can't do family stuff, I have no freelance work to do that can't wait, and I am salaried with PTO to do stuff! Wow! I get to actually attend my first guilt-free con since I was a in my 20's.
  2. I'm not completely broke. Very important.

I am super-excited. Hopefully I am not building it up in my mind too much. However, even if the games suck, just hanging out at the con should be great, as long as it's not full of douche-bags, which is possible, although not probable. 

I went to DragonCon, also in Atlanta, last year. Unfortunately I did not plan well. I also tried to make it a "guys-only" trip and one newly-married-to-pregnant-wife dude caved-in and brought his wife along. cough pussy-whipped cough When my wife found out, she made me feel like shit (via text, she's talented that way), and deservedly so (in case she is reading this).

I am hoping it will be a similar level of gaming, as I played in a fantastic FATE game there. That may be a bit of a stretch, as people come in from long distances to DragonCon, but we shall see.

I'll post updates and pics from my mobile device as the con goes on.