• How to add row count CSS classes to Views output in Drupal 8

    For some reason, view rows no longer get those handy numbered classes you can use to format row based on placement in the results. All rows are given "views-row" only. Not helpful.

    I was able to fix this by copying the Views twig template to my theme's template/views directory. In my case, I am using an unformatted list, so I used views-view-unformatted.html.twig.

  • Installing the Drupal 8 webprofiler devel submodule correctly

    Dan: My name is Dan, and I have a Status Page problem.

    Group: Hi Dan

  • Printing for Bootstrap

    I was working on a Bootstrap-based site and needed it to print well. So after a lot of fruitless Google searches and mucking about, I came up with a pretty good addition to the site's CSS. Hopefully someone else will find this helpful.

  • How to stop Drupal shilling for money

    Add the following to your Ad Block Plus


    This will eliminate the annoying ads that the Drupal association puts on drupal.org begging for you to join, even when you have already joined.

  • DrupalCamp Florida 2015

    DrupalCamp Florida 2015 will be April 11-12, in Orlando. I have signed up to attend and also talked my employer into being a silver sponsor. I have a great boss who supports the Drupal community.

    I'll be presenting two sessions (if both are approved). One is on implementing caching and reverse proxy on an existing LAMP-based Drupal 7 install. The other is building a very flexible email newsletter system using Rules, Flag and a few other modules.

    EDIT: Unfortunately I have to have some important surgery done and will be missing DCFL this year. Boo!!