Social Justice Warrior List

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Friday, August 11, 2017 - 11:35
Dan Eveland
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This is great. I didn't know there was a list of these SJW cretins. SJWs are people who cower from logic like vampires from the sun. They try to get those who dare utter unfiltered thoughts and un-PC ideas fired from their jobs, or at least have their reputations ruined. They believe in contradictory ideas, and espouse advice on how others should act, while they themselves perpetrate real harmful behaviours.

Now there are a list of this scum to make sure you never support them in any way and, if possible, use their own tactics against them. It's the duty of any clear-thinking individual to check this list before hiring or entering into an agreement with anyone they don't personally know.

Scientific observation: the fact that there are so many men on this list is the best evidence of a nation-wide epidemic of low-testosterone I have ever seen.