• Gaming table with character sheet, dice and coffee

    AndoCon 2014 day 2

    Had a great breakfast thanks to excellent room service. I hung the menu thing on the door handle. Love those things.

  • Swag from AndoCon 2014 dealer room on hotel bed

    AndoCon 2014 day 1

    The first thing I noticed when entering the hotel was the friendliness of the staff. There were gamers standing there just waiting to direct me to the right place. Also, once I checked in and bought my badge, as soon as I entered the RPG room, there was someone who jumped up to help me get into a game. That was totally awesome.

  • AndoCon logo which is a cartoon cow head wearing a viking helmet

    AndoCon 2014

    And so begins my first post on my new awesome site. Later today, if weather and traffic are good for me, I will be in Atlanta. I'll be attending AndoCon. This is a special occasion for a couple reasons: