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    AndoCon 2014 day 3

    I was totally lazy the last day. I lounged around my room and got room service. I read my FATE book and decided to start designing my next game: Far Future Fate. I am going to run a Traveller (classic timeline) game using the FATE rules. I think a lot of things like planetary characteristics can simply done with aspects. For example: poisonous atmosphere, filter mask required outside.

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    AndoCon 2014 day 2

    Had a great breakfast thanks to excellent room service. I hung the menu thing on the door handle. Love those things.

    After doing the morning rituals, I headed downstairs to get into a Savage Worlds game. The author of the world was at the con, although he did not run this session. The guy who ran it told me his entire story of how he came to be involved. It was actually quite interesting. At first, it looked like no one else would be playing, but a buddy of the GM and a dealer from the dealer's room sat down and we had a great game.

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    AndoCon 2014 day 1

    The first thing I noticed when entering the hotel was the friendliness of the staff. There were gamers standing there just waiting to direct me to the right place. Also, once I checked in and bought my badge, as soon as I entered the RPG room, there was someone who jumped up to help me get into a game. That was totally awesome. I have never seen that, and I'd love to see it done at all conventions.

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    AndoCon 2014

    And so begins my first post on my new awesome site. Later today, if weather and traffic are good for me, I will be in Atlanta. I'll be attending AndoCon. This is a special occasion for a couple reasons: