• Installing the webprofiler devel submodule correctly

    Dan: My name is Dan, and I have a Status Page problem.

    Group: Hi Dan

  • My Work

    Below you will find some screenshots from recent projects. These are all done in Drupal 7, hosted on servers that I have configured and managed. I hope to have some of my Drupal 8 work posted very soon.

  • Printing for Bootstrap

    I was working on a Bootstrap-based site and needed it to print well. So after a lot of fruitless Google searches and mucking about, I came up with a pretty good addition to the site's CSS. Hopefully someone else will find this helpful.

  • What are the common mistakes people make that ruin their lives?

    After years of looking at the top CEO’s, learning from them and coaching many different clients myself, 7 main mistakes always come through:

  • Big brass balls cron job

    So, I like my sites to be up to date. For my personal projects, where I won't get fired when they stop running, I run cutting-edge stuff.